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DW Classics Series 3pc Drum Set

Vintage drum lovers unite! DW built this Classics Series to achieve a vintage sound and style, and they nailed it. The shells are similar to what you would find on a vintage Radio King, but with the solid modern construction that DW is famous for. Outer plies of top-quality Mahogany sandwich a thick inner ply of Poplar, with 6 ply Maple reinforcement rings on the inside of the shell. The added thickness of the reinforcement rings allows for rounded "butter" bearing edges. This kind of shell gives these drums a big, round, warm vintage sound with endless oomph, perfect for big fat grooves in the recording studio and on stage.

Super Tangerine Glass


  • Mahogany/Poplar shells with 6 ply Maple Rings
  • Rounded "Butter" bearing edges
  • Classic DW Turret Lugs
  • Retro Bass Drum T-Rods
  • Highly Customizable
  • Available in any FinishPly finish or a Hard Satin finish
  • See all available finishes here

There are countless options available to customize this kit, from the shell sizes to the hardware color to sweet accessories like the 7771 bass drum-mounted cymbal arm and 770 rail mount. We recommend giving us a call (503-288-6950) to price out the Classics Series kit of your dreams!

Configuration at the price on this page:
14" x 24" Kick, 16" x 16" Floor Tom, 8" x 12" Rack Tom
Available Components:

Kick Drums

14" x 20"
14" x 22"
16" x 22"
14" x 24"


7" x 10"
8" x 12"
9" x 13"
14" x 14"
16" x 16"
16" x 18"


4" x 14"
4" x 15"
5" x 12"
5" x 13"
5" x 14"
5" x 15"
6" x 10"

6" x 12"
6" x 13"
6" x 15"
7" x 14"
8" x 14"
10" x 14"



Ultra White Marine, with 770 Rail Mount and 7771 Cymbal Arm


Listen to DW's shell master John Good explain the Classics shell:



Twisted Black Oyster




DW is widely respected as one of the most legit drum companies making drums today. Check out this factory tour video and you'll quickly see why DW is on a level of its own:

Also check out our DW Factory Tour Photo Gallery



Blue Glass, with 770 Rain Mount and 7771 Cymbal Arm


The Classics Series is the kit to get if you love the sound of vintage drums but want a reliable kit built to the highest modern standards. Give us a call (503-288-6950) to order yours today!