Meinl Byzance 20" Vintage Pure Ride

This raw looking cymbal with high-density hand hammering has strong sticking response over deep and dry darkness. Total control, due to almost no sustain. Also available in the lower-pitched and more crashable 22" Vintage Pure Ride.


  • Made from B20 Bronze Alloy


  • Hand hammered for a unique sound
  • Raw finish

Their hand hammered and lathed surfaces, warm sounds and selection of models may be rooted in old-school tradition, but MEINL Byzance cymbals are the ultimate choice when it comes to new-school modern versatility. Every Byzance model is hand hammered into shape by cymbal artisans in Turkey, giving each cymbal its own unique and colorful voice.



For pure ride tones, as dry as they come - Add this Pure Ride to your arsenal today!