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30th Anniversary

Celebrating our 30th Anniversary!

Thank you for helping us celebrate 30 years of Rhythm Traders! Since 1992 we have been a hub of community and culture in Portland, Oregon and the world. We have hosted drummer legends from all over the world; we've traveled to factories in Thailand, Turkey and China to bring you high quality gear that we've designed ourselves. We've met with the bell-makers and drum-makers in West Africa who make the very drums we sell to YOU. Our staff have travelled to Brazil, Cuba, West Africa, and SE Asia to study the roots drumming, and perhaps more importantly, the cultures those traditions come from.

For us, drumming is more than a profession. It's a way of life. Check this page and our photo gallery to peek into the past, and see what we're doing right now to grow our drumming community while supporting the artists and traditions that have brought it to us!

Rhythm Traders Through the Years

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Brands We Love

Brands We Love