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Selling Used Gear?

Thinking of selling? Bring it in!

We buy/sell/trade almost every drum and percussion instrument under the sun. Since 1992, we have specialized in finding new homes for pre-owned drums & percussion. If you are interested in trading a used or vintage item, bring it by! We will take a look at it to determine the condition and quality, and see if we will be able to offer you a deal. Please understand that we will not always be able to extend an offer to all items we look at. We are not able to give quotes or estimates over the phone & via e-mail, and do not accept trade in's via mail. We do offer store credit on a case by case basis, which you can use on anything in our shop, or apply towards a special order.

Consignment policy:

Take advantage of our wide reach and network of interested drum buyers across Portland and the world. If your item is accepted into our consignment program, we will agree on a sales price, and use our multiple sales channels (in-store, eBay, Reverb,, & social media) to turn your instrument into cash you can use! We offer a 70/30 split, where we take 30%, and you keep 70% of the final sale value (minus shipping & handling, transaction fees, or other applicable fees if sold on line). Just bring the item to our shop, and we will take care of the rest!

If you have any questions about your gear, give us a call at 503-288-6950 or schedule an appointment below. We are happy to help!
Check out our Used & Vintage section as well.


Brands We Love

Brands We Love